growing pains

life it hit you in a blink of an eye, although I still have alot 2learn I have learned one thing it teaches you 2endure , endure the pain,stress,hurt, and pray that god is guiding you along the way we have a reason a purpose for being here now I am still trying 2learn mine but the reason I call this growing pains is because in life whether its good or bad experience we grow we mature and our perspectives of ourselves and others change my worsest fear is not being not making an impact Maya Angelou once said you might forget what people have said or even done but u never forget how they make you feel , I just want 2say that I lived a happy life not saying that life, isn’t hard it is and I know I am going,2face hardship and trials everyone does but I just don’t want 2die or past in this life without saying that lived,or something or I loved just because you,are alive doesn’t mean you are truly living and ten years from now I am probably going to look back on this and wonder what the hell was I thinking but you learn make mistakes and u grow aka growing pains……


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