pet peeves’

yieveryone has their pet peeves also known as something that tends 2piss u off well here’s mine

1.public 🚽 conversations unless it’s an emergency I am in the middle doing business this isn’t highschool, I don’t care or want 2hear conversations about sally sue, u 2ladies want 2talk take it out of the bathroom!

2. saying excuse me, manners people just use them, just a little human decency !

3.people who try 2tell other people what 2do what there bodies,abortions touchy topic I know but people have no right 2tell women what 2do w/their bodies in sure whether u r getting an abortion or keeping the baby she has 2 make that choice and live w/it, neither choice is easy so unless ucan give life and a6-10inch human being coming out of ur crotch don’t judge because we all have to live with our own choices..

4.the pressure to loose or gain weight-ugh we all go through at some point, and the media doesn’t help, at all! yes I workout but I don’t. do it 2loose I do it 2tone hopefully gain muscle,its a stress reliever and I feel so much better afterwards,so I would b lying if I say I didn’t consider weight but I only weigh 140 ibs the highest I ever got was 145 and of u have seen the way I eat how in the hell am I still at that size is short of a miracle still 0ZErO. Is Not ASize!

5.double standards-yeah those its understandable guys have pennises come from Venus I made that up yes I have been raised up to treasure your body and not 2just give it 2any guy if u r sexually active it’s nothing 2b ashamed of but not something u should tell everyone about in detail, u can’t true everyone with that info use protection we all human and have desires it is what is,not telling u 2go screw everyone either there r still consequences 2everything u do,and if someone ask u how many sexual partners u have had if u r counting and u r getting 2ur toes slow ur roll! and virgins are not extinct people their r no labels, omg u r a virgin!u don’t look like one she’s not shaped like one what the hell is that supposed 2mean ,how exactly are we suppose or not just own it took me awhile 2realize that and u r what u attract….


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