The Broken Ones….

best-Maya-Angelou-Quotes-sayings-wise-peopleplease read this if you feel broken lost or just feeling some type of way…… can be hard but yet it can beautiful as well you are not alone in this world and yes i know it sounds cliche but it does get better ,and whatever you are or will go through like i said it’s growing pains ,they type of pain that makes you not want to get up in the morning and when you are down,stressed from paying bills, or just down on your luck, have hope because sometimes that’s is all you have left there’s no guarantee that life would be easy and anyone who told you that  load of bs feel free to slap the crap out of them and beat them because they straight up lied the hardest thing about life is actually living it okay i know i am sounding emo here but there’s  point i’m getting to it plz stay with me here,sure it’s easier to just give up and i have been running from it but the scariest thing about life is not knowing when it will end  at any moment it could be our time and we would never even know,the last words,the last smile, the last thing that we ever said to someone and that’s what scares me it’s not the dying part it’s scary but we all have to go sometimes but it’s the mark we leave when we do ..


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