What if…….

everyone makes choices in life choices that leads us down a good path or a bad one, have you ever made a choice and looking back on it wondered what the hell was i thinking? yeah i’m sure everyone has been there in that point in there life and if you haven’t you’ll get there, i am a christian(don’t worry if ur not) and i believe that whatever mistakes we make we are forgiven for it, no matter how dumb or stupid they might be at the time.sound easy right…..but the hardest thing to do in this life is forgiving urself because although we make mistakes i make my on a daily basis……we still have to live with the consequences and although we try to justify our actions or make excuses for it there aren’t any just regrets or things that we should have well i should have did this or that?and how different are lives would have been if we did?there is always going to be that nagging voice in the back of my mind thinking what if?i like to think that everyone has a destiny or a plan as an individual a calling perhaps, that whatever happens in life is meant to happen for a reason to mold us and make us into we are meant to be,otherwise we’ll always be living with that one question what if…..


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