Catlyin Jenner

Talk about controversial……..

well first off i guess i would like 2 applaud catlyin and the whole transgender transition  can’t b easy if that was my father i can’t say i would b happy nor would i know how to REACT well atleast she’s happy  it’s his choice and lyfestyle and he is preety as girl well with makeup without idk but w/all do respect i don’t expect guys 2 b woo especially since he was an olympian athlete,w/that BUT SERIOUSLY PEOPLE WHO CARES, there are more important things in the world than this and yes some transgenders ARE GORGEOUS, i actually am jealous because they just look naturally fabulous,especially when they become women, like really  t takes me an hour just 2 look that preety!!  as long as he’s happy we have bigger problems like WORLD HUNGER ,MURDER, CORRUPTED POLITICS i can keep going if you don’t like bruce/catlyn then that’s ur opinion and everyone has a right 2 their personal opinion  but there are bigger things that are happening or ocuring in  in the world  …..



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