Degrassi Next Generation Canceled

degrassi a show that originated in the 70’s or 80’s has officially been canceled and my response IT’S ABOUT TIME,i am a stickler for giving shows a chance but after mannysantos,emma.sean,darcy,spinner THESE WERE THE BEST CHARATERS IN DEGRASSI HISTORY,they had depth  NOT like the new characters( i will make an exception 2 holly j,ali,claire and eli,and adam the rest of the show PREETY MUCH SUCKED ) the old character were the best,when manny wore her first thong and decided 2 b hot, or when she got an ABORTION because she was pregnant w/craig’s child,  JIMMY WAS SHOT and darcy and paige was raped,ellie was a cutter and her mom was an alcoholic,j.t crashed the car when he found out liberty was pregnant,AND WHEN J.T. WAS STABBED,i think everyone in degrassi cried hell i did! even though he was a fictional character no one can ever REPLACE THE GREAT J.T. YORKE, and my jibery heart died w/it b4 eclaire and dolly j which were nice couples there was can never compare to JIBERTY,SEMMA,OR JANNY,degrassi was REAL like when craig had bipolar disorder or did drugs,manny flashed her tatat’s 2 the whole world, there were issues not who ended up w/WHO,every character had substance they were times when spinner was such a jerk but when jimmy was shot he changed his ways,it wasn’t easy but he did it,or when paige and manny had their own rivalry and bitch fights espcially pAIGE ,marco and paige’s friendship including ellie , loved it!OR WHEN EMMA AND JAY HAD FLING CONSISTING OF bj’s and he gave her a “social disease”  ‘THESE ARE THE MOMENTS THAT MAKE DEGRASSI ,DEGRASSI” (if you haven’t watched i suggest you watch degrassi next generation S1-7) and that was the best generation.


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