Being a Virgin part 1

my parents once told me your body is your temple and to take care of it, WE DO EXIST  people tend to think that if you are not a virgin then you are sleeping around of you are then you feel utterly alone and  that maybe you should be the truth is none of that BS is true there is nothing wrong w/having sex i would preferably want to make love my first time but i am going to leave that up to god… and society makes it worse i am not going sugarcoat the bullshit because being a virgin is hard,it’s hard than it looks ,there’s temptation out there and there are going 2 b people who are going 2 test you and c if you are serious and because they love a challenge, if you do choose 2 loose your v-card me included be selfish! i know it sounds insane but be selfish and think to yourself if this is something that i really want 2 do ,will i b ready emotionally let’s just face it,it’s easy 2 get horny anyone could get horny unfortunately for men it doesn’t take much don’t ask me how i figured that out…..but if you don’t ave that guys heart it won’t keep him no matter how much you might care about him it’s not stating you claim because he’s not emotionally involved  then it just sex,if  you are sexual active just b safe,and yes women can b sexual beings and b in charge of your own sex life,and no one should make you feel bad about that, have i ever thought about giving up the cookie(if you do use milk and don’t let him break, he was the only guy i was attracted to sexually during that time,although that’s something i would never tell,him, but i made my choice , i have moved on we both i have…besides bringing up the past won’t help anything it is very complicated it will just make things worse…. i WILL TELL YOU MY STORY ON THAT IN PART 2 but back 2 this topic i now when you are virgin some people c it as odd, i don’t think that you should b ashamed of it just say you are very selective and  you are waiting for the right person,or marriage your body is something that you should cherish ,……please read part2….


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