• some professor care and some don’t
  • junk food is your friend even though it shouldn’t b
  • vending machines are your friend especially if you need a snack
  • try not to stress eat the college 20(or whatever it’s called it’s true)
  • worry about your work but don’t stress!
  • never tried energy drinks or cappucionos not my thing ,but could b yours
  • you get more freedom so whatever you do it’s on you your parents might help don’t expect it 2 b like high school(not going 2 happen)
  • best to have your job in college or just in general make your own money you will feel more confident and it feels good 2 have your own
  • I haven’t went off to college yet,but have good hygene because your roommate and friends will talk abou u if you don’t especially if your a woman
  • just always think ahead and cover yourself ,because no one else is going to do it 4 you

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