Crazed , Dazed and College

and i’m not even high although I am curious, what weed taste like. college will have you ripping out your hair thank god I have weave in it, it took me forever to find my major and yes I know i’m suppose 2 have an idea b4 I stepped foot in college, it’s not like my family never ask me, I just really didn’t know the answer at the time, there are so many possibilities ,,but now that I have(i am hoping that will not change anytime soon) you study all these clasess drive your self nearly insane for months and hoping that it will all pay off in the end by having a good grades, and then when yu get out there in the competitive world you have to compete and fight for what you want whatever balls you don’t have you better get ready to grow a pair,because  it’s a cold world it took me a minute figure that out, hey i’m still learning and growing everyday so I still have a lot 2 learn, there are going 2 b millions of people who could have the same GPA level as you or went to the same college as you  and have the same degree maybe even have people who are more qualified than you ,but what is going to set you apart from them, besides your volunteer work, you have to sale your self out of all of the people they have interviewed or qualified for why should they choose you, what make you so different from everyone else what, do you want out of life? why do you want it? and what is your goal?,and only until you are able to answer those question only then can you go out into the world and go after what you want


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