the confession of NON-Dieter

I just can’t  I JUST CAN’T whhhyyy, maybe because i’m greedy and love to eat let’s just put it tis waay if I ate as much as I did study I would probably b on te dean’s list in college by now. lol it’s so hard and you are probably wondering why are you even on a diet? i’m not but I have tried for like a day,then I see chocolate or chips and it goes straight the hell,i’m not saying eating healthy is a bad thing ,because it’s not I eat fruits like apples and grapes and bannas every now and then don’t judge me! I know I should eat healthier, yes, but in all fairness  eating health is very expensive! it’s just working out I do very well for like a month  doing good feeling good I don’t get tired going up six and i’m  healthy and then all it takes is just 4 me to skip ONE day and then nothing I start to slack off , I keep telling my self that i’m 21 and I have atleast five more years until I get fat ,but I still need 2 b healthy and excersise just for me, it relieves stress ,but my only probably is I can’t B CONSISTENT ,If you had read any of my previous blogs I recently brought up Victoria secrect models it seems they are becoming more open minded and not being a size o is  a good thing   O IT’S NOT A SIZE LADIES PLZ EAT, LOLbut it’s also important to be healthy,  maybe everytime I have a chocoloate craving I can replace it with fruit? omg I am going to be constipated because I love chocolate and especially during that time of the month, it’s like eating heaven without dying ….


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