Gun Control

I have a question to anyone who actually reads this, I just want your imput  am I the only one who think that there should be a psyche mental or emotional evauation before anyone wants to buy a gun?what really goes through these peoples mind,i do believe that some do have mental illness, but I also think some are just using that a bullshitty excuse, there’s a difference between premeditated murder and just not being in the right state of mind. I do believe that there are people who don’t have a conscious,just like a lot of people would say common sense is not so common, neither is morals,or knowing the difference between right and wrong but somehow that gets twisted 2,i saw this one post on facebook by this journalist(I cannot remember his name but he had a post stating that Caucasians are more likely to be terrorist than actual muslims, he was actually Caucasian himself  he said he was just trying 2 get ri of the stigma that all muslims are terrorist and I agree it’s like saying all african American men are thugs and clearly that isn’t true,i’m not stating we shoulsn’t b cautious but think about most SOLIDERS that go to itrag survived the WAR come back and they tend to get shot are killed by the very people they are suppose 2 b PROTECTING IT’S A MESS(if u don’t believe watch AMERICAN SNIPER I have 2 agree,but that’s just my opinion what are your thoughts on this feel free to comment and share your opinions…..


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