c what had happened was

c what had happened was okay this my everyday life i tend to fall and trip over something at least once a day,or maybe once a week but it happens ever so often and what makes it worse is that each time it does or i have an embarrassing tisha moment i turn red, what kind of black person turns red, idk why and i don’t mean like a little red i mean turn red like a tomato! yes i laugh it off,but at the end of the day why me/sometimes i truly bring it on my self sometimes because i don’t always pay attention,or make the best choices either that or i am just to damn clumsy,and drop everything  including my phone which i had dropped in the mud that poor thing. i am what you would call scatterbrained, i swear i would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body or my shirt,even though i have had it on the wrong side, inside out numerous times,and year no one cared to tell me this thnxs mom,ha imagine that.lol talk about let the girls hang out,lol okay enough with the jokes,but i am serious it’s bad enough that i look like i am 17 or 18, years old,when i’m really 22,my family just shakes their head at me,tripping in the mud,twice,getting lost  ,spilling coffee all over the counter at work, and that i just the beginning,so to say i stand out is a bit of an understatement, so when i type a blog entry c what had happened was thyou will know that i had an embarassing tisha moment,everyone has their embarassing moments but i just tend to have them more than other people,and trust me when i say it’s not my honest intention…….


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