Gun Control

I have a question to anyone who actually reads this, I just want your imput  am I the only one who think that there should be a psyche mental or emotional evauation before anyone wants to buy a gun?what really goes through these peoples mind,i do believe that some do have mental illness, but I also think some are just using that a bullshitty excuse, there’s a difference between premeditated murder and just not being in the right state of mind. I do believe that there are people who don’t have a conscious,just like a lot of people would say common sense is not so common, neither is morals,or knowing the difference between right and wrong but somehow that gets twisted 2,i saw this one post on facebook by this journalist(I cannot remember his name but he had a post stating that Caucasians are more likely to be terrorist than actual muslims, he was actually Caucasian himself  he said he was just trying 2 get ri of the stigma that all muslims are terrorist and I agree it’s like saying all african American men are thugs and clearly that isn’t true,i’m not stating we shoulsn’t b cautious but think about most SOLIDERS that go to itrag survived the WAR come back and they tend to get shot are killed by the very people they are suppose 2 b PROTECTING IT’S A MESS(if u don’t believe watch AMERICAN SNIPER I have 2 agree,but that’s just my opinion what are your thoughts on this feel free to comment and share your opinions…..



  • some professor care and some don’t
  • junk food is your friend even though it shouldn’t b
  • vending machines are your friend especially if you need a snack
  • try not to stress eat the college 20(or whatever it’s called it’s true)
  • worry about your work but don’t stress!
  • never tried energy drinks or cappucionos not my thing ,but could b yours
  • you get more freedom so whatever you do it’s on you your parents might help don’t expect it 2 b like high school(not going 2 happen)
  • best to have your job in college or just in general make your own money you will feel more confident and it feels good 2 have your own
  • I haven’t went off to college yet,but have good hygene because your roommate and friends will talk abou u if you don’t especially if your a woman
  • just always think ahead and cover yourself ,because no one else is going to do it 4 you

Crazed , Dazed and College

and i’m not even high although I am curious, what weed taste like. college will have you ripping out your hair thank god I have weave in it, it took me forever to find my major and yes I know i’m suppose 2 have an idea b4 I stepped foot in college, it’s not like my family never ask me, I just really didn’t know the answer at the time, there are so many possibilities ,,but now that I have(i am hoping that will not change anytime soon) you study all these clasess drive your self nearly insane for months and hoping that it will all pay off in the end by having a good grades, and then when yu get out there in the competitive world you have to compete and fight for what you want whatever balls you don’t have you better get ready to grow a pair,because  it’s a cold world it took me a minute figure that out, hey i’m still learning and growing everyday so I still have a lot 2 learn, there are going 2 b millions of people who could have the same GPA level as you or went to the same college as you  and have the same degree maybe even have people who are more qualified than you ,but what is going to set you apart from them, besides your volunteer work, you have to sale your self out of all of the people they have interviewed or qualified for why should they choose you, what make you so different from everyone else what, do you want out of life? why do you want it? and what is your goal?,and only until you are able to answer those question only then can you go out into the world and go after what you want

the confession of NON-Dieter

I just can’t  I JUST CAN’T whhhyyy, maybe because i’m greedy and love to eat let’s just put it tis waay if I ate as much as I did study I would probably b on te dean’s list in college by now. lol it’s so hard and you are probably wondering why are you even on a diet? i’m not but I have tried for like a day,then I see chocolate or chips and it goes straight the hell,i’m not saying eating healthy is a bad thing ,because it’s not I eat fruits like apples and grapes and bannas every now and then don’t judge me! I know I should eat healthier, yes, but in all fairness  eating health is very expensive! it’s just working out I do very well for like a month  doing good feeling good I don’t get tired going up six and i’m  healthy and then all it takes is just 4 me to skip ONE day and then nothing I start to slack off , I keep telling my self that i’m 21 and I have atleast five more years until I get fat ,but I still need 2 b healthy and excersise just for me, it relieves stress ,but my only probably is I can’t B CONSISTENT ,If you had read any of my previous blogs I recently brought up Victoria secrect models it seems they are becoming more open minded and not being a size o is  a good thing   O IT’S NOT A SIZE LADIES PLZ EAT, LOLbut it’s also important to be healthy,  maybe everytime I have a chocoloate craving I can replace it with fruit? omg I am going to be constipated because I love chocolate and especially during that time of the month, it’s like eating heaven without dying ….

Isis vs. The world

where to start I know one thing terriois attacks are no joke, my prayers are with anyone and everyone who were attacked, and unfortunately it wasn’t just Paris who were  just attacked but other countries as well, that should b discussed as well ,but that’s the media for you, they only tell you what they WANT YOU KNOW,OR just what they want you to hear as if the world isn’t already divided up enough by age, religion and especially RACE, hell I really don’t think any of that will matter if isis comes over here, we won’t HAVE A SKIN COLOR  more likely they won’t but they won’t care if you are black, white, or Korean, they do not care, i’m not stating there isn’t racism ,racism is based off if ignorance it’s like being mad at someone for there eye color, that’s something they were born with and have no control over, thinking that another race is inferior or superior to your own,and yes blacklives matter ,i am African American myself but this isn’t the time for that if anything the world needs to just stand together and just pray for what happened and pray for what is yet to come because at the end of the day that’s all we can do…..

The price of living

is high as hell! I just got my first job a few months ago , I knew the price of living was high but when u start paying for things first hand lets just say life can b a pain in the butt and butt is a sub situte word for what I am really thinking and I don’t even pay bills yet damn I fee as though I am trying to stay afloat in bunch of water if that makes sense but I am eternally grateful 4this job, and I thank god and Jesus 4what I have ,but I honestly c why people have 2oe 3jobs that’s the only way 2make a decent living it’s crazy but true and we as people get so wrapped surviving that we 4get 2enjoy life

Being A Woman

being woman isn’t easy being strong and indepdent in a society isn’t easy,having children and a career isn’t easy being strong in a society that promotes and exploits your body parts more than ur mind isn’t easy, I came from a mans rib not his feet I am his counterpart not his side piece this a society where young girls feel as though they have 2 show and act older than what they r,2lower their self worth and not realize the power they hold because they aren’t a size zero, or feeling belittled because they don’t look like the girls on the magazine, no one does being a woman isn’t easy

Being a Virgin part 1

my parents once told me your body is your temple and to take care of it, WE DO EXIST  people tend to think that if you are not a virgin then you are sleeping around of you are then you feel utterly alone and  that maybe you should be the truth is none of that BS is true there is nothing wrong w/having sex i would preferably want to make love my first time but i am going to leave that up to god… and society makes it worse i am not going sugarcoat the bullshit because being a virgin is hard,it’s hard than it looks ,there’s temptation out there and there are going 2 b people who are going 2 test you and c if you are serious and because they love a challenge, if you do choose 2 loose your v-card me included be selfish! i know it sounds insane but be selfish and think to yourself if this is something that i really want 2 do ,will i b ready emotionally let’s just face it,it’s easy 2 get horny anyone could get horny unfortunately for men it doesn’t take much don’t ask me how i figured that out…..but if you don’t ave that guys heart it won’t keep him no matter how much you might care about him it’s not stating you claim because he’s not emotionally involved  then it just sex,if  you are sexual active just b safe,and yes women can b sexual beings and b in charge of your own sex life,and no one should make you feel bad about that, have i ever thought about giving up the cookie(if you do use milk and don’t let him break, he was the only guy i was attracted to sexually during that time,although that’s something i would never tell,him, but i made my choice , i have moved on we both i have…besides bringing up the past won’t help anything it is very complicated it will just make things worse…. i WILL TELL YOU MY STORY ON THAT IN PART 2 but back 2 this topic i now when you are virgin some people c it as odd, i don’t think that you should b ashamed of it just say you are very selective and  you are waiting for the right person,or marriage your body is something that you should cherish ,……please read part2….

My soulmate

the person I could talk 2for hours

ur best friend,I felt like I could tell him anything

my whole life story and he would listen everyone

saw his outer skin but I just saw what was within,it’s

not that I didn’t c what whether he was thin,or whether his clothes or looks weren’t the best,i

clothes weren’t the best , when I looked in his

eyes none of that mattered to

acknowledge it but the joy tht I felt

the connection was there that dangerous connection like flame that. Can’t b put out

the freedom to love everyone else saw what it is I saw what could be

My heart is saying take a chance