the dirty truth

thee election is coming up rearing it’s ugly head it’s like waiting for  a tug of war match, and u r trying to c who is going to fall in the mud fist, yes I know politics am I I a trump supporter no, I’m proud of Hillary just in general being the first woman president is just badass! could she be shady possibly, but we are between the lesser of the two evils we really don’t have much of a selection here and let me tell u why I am not  trump supporters, every politician just tell u what u want to hear, they r both lying ,but trump is always using the IMMIGRATION CARD, yes make sure they r legal, but it seems as though that is the only card he is playing immigration is only just one of he many ISSUES AMERICA HAS RIGHT NOW, we are a broken nation and if obamma  had said half of the things that trump said he would have never became OUR PRESIDENT, we are a nation that needs fixing it’s like we are together yet divided he claims he wants to make America great, he needs to be more specific what steps is taking to make that happen please stop yelling at us when talking project your voice is a polite manner and   yes we MINOORTIES MATTER, but I could be wrong about trump we just do not seem to matter to him, unless he is just desperate for votes oh he says  I have one minority friend or staff on my team, and…..just because you have a minority does mean you respect minorities you might tolerate them, but respecting someone as a person  different races, different people we ALL MATTER,  just to be treated equal but not everyone sees people that  way thus #blacklivesmatter topic is coming from because w should matter no life should b deemed no less than the next   his something that you have no control over your skin color for example is on of those characteristics. not unless you are Michael Jackson and that is another topic for another day…a whole other category R.I.P. Michael….


The Human Spirit

everyone knows the saying what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger, well I am still alive(fingers crossed) that truly is a blessing I guess god isn’t done with me yet…I was watching the show t.d. jakes and he was talking about the human spirit, and he had two interview one was with this college student she was 22, and was forced into human trafficking, when she had  gotten away and told her parents she said had contemplated suicide, she is now advocating and trying to save girls from that same fate…makes my problems seem so irrelevant and a , another woman had suffered a severe stroke her life was turned upside down, but she still keep moving and her spirit she is o [positive  they r beyond inspiration, my honest overall thoughts I think god instilled something deep within u s they tells us to keep fighting  to keep going to keep living whether it is ur family, friends, someone u love  that something good can come out something bad …… that is my opnion plz share ur story or thoughts

c what had happened was

c what had happened was okay this my everyday life i tend to fall and trip over something at least once a day,or maybe once a week but it happens ever so often and what makes it worse is that each time it does or i have an embarrassing tisha moment i turn red, what kind of black person turns red, idk why and i don’t mean like a little red i mean turn red like a tomato! yes i laugh it off,but at the end of the day why me/sometimes i truly bring it on my self sometimes because i don’t always pay attention,or make the best choices either that or i am just to damn clumsy,and drop everything  including my phone which i had dropped in the mud that poor thing. i am what you would call scatterbrained, i swear i would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body or my shirt,even though i have had it on the wrong side, inside out numerous times,and year no one cared to tell me this thnxs mom,ha imagine talk about let the girls hang out,lol okay enough with the jokes,but i am serious it’s bad enough that i look like i am 17 or 18, years old,when i’m really 22,my family just shakes their head at me,tripping in the mud,twice,getting lost  ,spilling coffee all over the counter at work, and that i just the beginning,so to say i stand out is a bit of an understatement, so when i type a blog entry c what had happened was thyou will know that i had an embarassing tisha moment,everyone has their embarassing moments but i just tend to have them more than other people,and trust me when i say it’s not my honest intention…….


i know it sounds funny,but just go with it….

a five letter word that defines women everywhere down to toes up to our hair,we use the media to help define our worth by likes,and other materialistic things on this earth,but when we all go what is it worth, we blame other women  for not being role model to little girls,that is not their role,their just being themselves,society tells so many things,not to be leaders or queens,between being liked and fighting for what’s right there can’t be a balance?you could be called out your name so longed,women can b leaders and strong,the media tells us we have to be a certain size,weight or look just to be socially acceptable, still we rise queens of all shapes and size know that you are what we call worthy…